2019 Topics

Theme: Unity through Diversity & Inclusion: It Begins with All of Us

The adoption of inclusive policies, the negative public image discrimination brings could be avoided, attracting customers who are eager to do business with socially responsible companies. The LGBT community is likely to consider and/or remain with an employer providing equal workplace benefits.

An LGBT friendly workplace will lead to increased job satisfaction, better relationships with co-workers and supervisors, and greater work commitment among the LGBT employees. Employers will benefit from lower legal costs related to discrimination lawsuits as well as lower health insurance cost, through improved health of LGBT employees.

Effective implementation of LGBT workplace inclusion policies, could save significant amount of dollars spent on new talent recruitment and training, and increase creativity, which will lead to innovation and new ideas.

Publicized discrimination has caused customers to leave brands. Some switched products or services because a different company was supportive of the LGBT community, even if the brand was costlier or less convenient. Businesses must create a workplace where LGBT employees are not just tolerated but accepted and welcomed.

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