During this event we will candidly discuss the benefits and challenges that accompany effective inclusion of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender team members in the workplace and catering your LGBT customers and clients.

Together with our speakers we will explore the importance of the LGBT community and their allies both in the workforce and within the community. The event will open with a panel session on “Best Practices for Driving LGBT Initiatives” with speakers from local companies that have been dedicated to fostering an inclusive workforce for their LGBT employees.

Following the panel, we will have two breakout sessions, including a workshop entitled “The ABCs of LGBT” defining some of the more recent terminology that has arisen in the LGBT community as well as a workshop on “Gender Transitioning in the Workplace: Preparing Your Organization for Inclusion.” Our Keynote Speaker, Arnold Evans, has been recognized by Jacksonville’s We Are Straight Allies organization and Florida Agenda (an LGBT statewide online newspaper) as a top straight ally and champion for LGBT equality and inclusion both in business and the local community. The event will culminate with the recognition of several advocates within and for the LGBT community with our LGBT Leader and LGBT Ally awards.

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